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Super Specific tDCS



We design, build and sell commercial tDCS devices.


SSD currently offers THREE models which come with A 14-day money back guarantee as well as one year warrantY. Some Restrictions apply. (Scroll down to View our models and for more info). 


Our tDCS devices sell as complete kits (with our electrodes) or "Device only" In our store.



SSD is now selling only to medical professionals, clinics or DIYers who are under professional supervision. 


If you would like to purchase one or more of our models or have any questions/concerns please send us an email at or use the contact form on this site. 


Please see the store page for options and pricing. We offer wholesale pricing for 3 or more units. 


Thank  you!


If you are interested in learning more about us or our devices, please contact us.  


 Since 2014

Introducing the SSD 6.0
touchscreen tDCS DEvice

touchscreen controls include:

session Timer

Selectable voltage 9-12-18-24

MAmps setting

Screen Brightness


SSD 6.0
touchscreen model
with Complete kit
SSD 5.0
12/24 Volt 
Selectable Voltage
 $135 Device only
$145 complete kit

5.0 Models*

Now with Slanted face plate and Separate battery compartment.

  • 12V - 24V Selectable

  • Analog mAmp Panel Meter

  • Continuously Variable Current Control

  • Dual LM334Z Current Regulators calibrated to deliver 2.30 mA (Max)

  • Reverse Polarity Protection Diode

  • Power Indicating LED as well as On/Off Toggle Switch

  • Runs on two standard A23/23AE batteries (included)

  • 5.25"x 1.75"x 2.75" (weighs 7.4 ounces)

SSD 5.0
12 Volt
$115 Device
$125 Complete
  • Analog mAmp Panel Meter

  • Continuously Variable Current Control

  • Power Indicating LED as well as On/Off Toggle Switch

  • Dual LM334Z Current Regulators - calibrated to deliver 2.30 mA (Max)

  • Reverse Polarity Protection Diode

  • Runs on one standard A23/23AE battery (included)

  • 5.25"x 1.75"x 2.75" (weighs 7.4 ounces)

We now ship in one business day via USPS priority. 

About Us +What's Inside +SOme notes on Informed Practice





Because DIY tDCS is gaining popularity Your Due Diligence is more important than ever...

access to tDCS and availability of devices is not necessarily the same thing - we believe it is very important you know as much as possible about tDCS and the device you are using before you start your own practice.


Here are the three steps we highly recommend as the minimum due diligence: 

+research all claims made by manufacturers regarding the features, circuit design and applications of their devices; 

+purchase a device that is well made and has a meter. It is important that your device is not part of the guesswork (without a meter: "am I getting the right amount of current for the set amount of time?"...) No tDCS device should retail without a meter;

+ follow the standard protocols---those well known and agreed upon --- in BOTH the tDCS DIY AND medical communities).

"We launched Super Specific Devices when we realized a meter is an essential part of using a tDCS device for each and every session." 

We are a team of two

working in a studio

just south of Portland, OR.

read more ...


Safety Features.  Testing and Calibration. Our Guarantee.

Each SSD tDCS device comes with these safety features/components:

LM334z. This is a Current Regulator that sets the maximum current output (e.g. a higher voltage will not produce higher current but will help overcomes resistance such as hair, skin, etc more easily). No SSD device will exceed 2.30 mA at any voltage.

We use two LM334z in our devices for added safety

Reverse Polarity Protection Diode is used so the circuit will not function if the battery is accidentally put in the wrong way.

Analog mA Current Meter.  We use a meter with a 3mA scale because it is a perfect fit for tDCS applications. 
The meter is tested before assembly and then calibrated for accuracy.




Getting Started/tDCS Community


Dr. Brent Williams' Blog

COMMERCIAl TDCS Device COmparison Tables


reddit tdcs


Oxford Journals, Law and BiosciencE
"What lies ahead for FDA regulation of tDCS products?"
Video Presentation, Anna Wexler. PhD candidate of MITat Penn State
"Do-It-Yourself to Direct-to-Consumer: the Regulation of Consumer Noninvasive Brain Stimulation "

tDCS ResourcesSome highly Recommended sites

Popular media/recommended reading-listening

"9V Nirvana"

"Electrified" The New Yorker

we recommend reading Peter rodman's 30 day tdcs chronicle Available for kindle on Amazon. click here for more info.

YOUTUBE/tDCS Community

A Tool for the MInd (5:34) 

Marom Bikson talk at TEDX Brunswick

ACCESSORIES and Devices*

*ssd customers may request a discount

Some Frequently Asked Questions

"We are here to answer ANY questions regarding the safe, effective use of our devices. While we do not know if tDCS will work for you we can assure you our device is specifically designed to maximize the potential positive effects of tDCS and minimize the guesswork inherent to every individual exploration of tDCS". 


Why don't you make a 9V tDCS Device any longer?

9V is simply not enough voltage to overcome the natural resistance of skin and hair in many montages. As Caputron has recently stated  "Based on the skin resistance of the user/montage being used for tDCS, 9 Volts may not be enough to successfully deliver 2 mA of current. Research grade tDCS devices acknowledge this and operate between 20-40 Volts." If you purchased an SSD 9V in 2014 we offer an inexpensive 12V upgrade option in our store. 


Is 12V + safe to use? I thought 9V was the safest.

OUR DEVICES WILL NOT EXCEED 2.3 mA no matter what the voltage setting; the higher the voltage the more easily and quickly you will achieve your desired mA.


Why do you offer/what is Selectable Voltage?

Selectable Voltage allows the user to have more control over his/her tDCS session. 12V is sufficient for most montages (and most natural resistance) but 24V will work for any montage. (I liken it to having a turbo motor in a car you drive mostly through town. Most of the time you will not need or want the boost but if you are on the freeway you will be glad you have it).


How do I know which tDCS device on the market (or which model you offer) is best for me? 

This is where your due diligence is very important. We won't compare devices for potential customers but we recommend that  everyone: 

-purchase a device that has a meter,

-purchase a device from a trustworthy vendor and;

-purchase a device with a fixed voltage circuit.  

We recommend our 12V to anyone who is not sure about how to apply the Selectable Voltage option. 


Can I use more than two electrodes with your device, i.e. for the more complicated, multi placement montages? Can I use a splitter to attach two leads with four electrodes?

You can but we do not recommend this as an option.  

With only one meter (circuit) you cannot accurately detect which electrode is receiving what mA when you have more than one pair of electrodes. If you want to use more than one set of electrodes (for two anodes and two cathodes) we recommend using two devices (or a device that has two separate meters). 


Do you offer a student or any special discounts?


We offer a straight 10% student discount and senior discount.

We also offer wholesale prices on any purchase of 3 or more as well as low monthly payment plans for anyone on disability.

Just ask. 


Is tDCS actually safe? ...will tDCS work for me? tDCS known to work for X, Y or Z?

Email us with any specific questions and we will happily send you links to research papers as well as the latest info regarding how to safely and effectively practice tDCS at home. 




address/PO Box

Jennifer D., Founder

Customer Service

David F., Co-founder

Tech Design and Build

Skype Calls/Video Sessions: by appointment. 

We return all calls same or next business day.

Feel free to send us an email or fill out the message form below.

Mailing address: 

SuperSpecificDevices, LLC

19300 Mollala Ave 

Unit 293 

Oregon City, OR 97045



skype: superspecificdevices


For any general inquiries, please fill in the following contact form:

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