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Additional reviews

Thank you so much for making a high quality and well designed product. My first and only TDCS device is your SSD 5.0 24v model and I could not be more satisfied. I had been looking for a TDCS device and after reading your "about us" page, I knew this was the product for me.  

Thanks again,


​RE: New 3.5 12V Analog (DEMO)
You guys nailed it!  Love the new faceplate and the layout as well as the compactness. I will miss the wood box but this is the right design for new users who want portable and simple. The matte finish [is] also a great touch. Bravo!
William B., Walnut Creek, CA
Feb 2016

Great quality product with friendly and prompt service! Keep up the great work!

Jul 05, 2015

May 7th 2015
Jennifer,  I love the super specific 9V I bought and will be buying another one as a gift for a friend.  Thank you!
D.B. , WA

RE: Selectable Voltage Rechargeable Device 3.0
I spent a lot of time looking for an affordable, well-designed tDCS unit, and am very glad two months after purchase that this was the correct purchase. The design is compact, efficient, and effective. It's easy to maintain correct voltage and current; so important when keeping records of treatment.  An amazing thing is that it has not yet needed a charge, after months of use!  I had a lot of questions when I purchase the unit, and SSD was very generous with time and information to make sure I was getting the best use of the unit.  There still seems nothing on the market that can approach the design and quality of this machine, and the excellent customer service  completes the package. 
Jennifer, thanks again for the great product and service! 
T.W.,  NY
Sept. 24, 2015

Thank you for making terrific products at such affordable prices! Keep up the good work.
Many thanks,
M.P, WA DEC 2015

RE: SSD 4.0 +  Caputron Electrodes
I cannot thank you both enough for answering all my questions... Excellent customer service... I had been looking to try tDCS for months and wish I had found you sooner ... I am very happy with my purchase and I am glad you recommended the Caputron electrode [s]... Let me know when you release your next model. 
Amir B.
May 2016

I picked up my tDCS device on Friday and must tell you that I was impressed with the quality. Very nice design and easy to operate. I tried it out yesterday and it performed as expected. Your instructions for operation were very clear and helpful. Thank you for putting a very nice, quality product on this specific market at such an affordable price... 
L. B. -   Nov 2014

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