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Introducing the

SSD 6.0 Touchscreen tDCS Device

Total control of your tDCS session :

On/Off Switch
Start/Stop Session Button
Electrodes Jack
Touchscreen Brightness
4 Selectable fixed voltages
9v - 12v - 18v - 24v
Selectable mAmp setting
from 0.2 mA to 2.0 mA
(in 0.1 mA increments)
Programable session timer
From 1 to 40 minutes
(in 1 minute increments)
When you have all the parameters set,
just press the Start/Stop button
to begin your session.
The device will immediately switch to the
Session Status screen and the
bar meter will show the mAmps ramping up.
The bar meter is showing how many mAmps are
actually going through the electrodes
(this is a very accurate real time meter). 
After ramping to your selected
mAmps setting, the timer
(in the bottom right hand corner of the screen)
will began counting down the minutes remaining in your session 
When the timer gets to zero the device
will begin ramping down your mAmps...
...then return you to the
Parameter Control screen
The 6.0 runs on 4 AAA batteries:
The 6.0 comes with everything
you need for your tDCS session:
1 SSD SV 6.0 device
4 AAA Batteries
1 Lead wire
2 Sponge electrodes
2 Surgilast headbands
new electrodes 2.jpg
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