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By Blake Thacker

July 1, 2016


We purchased the 12 Volt Analog Metered tDCS from the Super Specific Devices after reviewing several others. They have quality with the user in mind with their large and spaced out amperage meter with 10 notch lines per number which allows for better control and fine tuning of the exact incremental amperage you like. We also liked the flip switch and smooth turning adjustment knob with perfect tension to set and go with your session. The build quality is superior, durable and aesthetically pleasing...Their customer support is top notch. Thanks Jennifer.

From: Beau B. to SSD via email
July 12, 2016
Thank you Jennifer. 
I am very happy with it, and have used it about 3 times so far. The build quality is excellent, been using the 1.5 mA setting on 12V...
SSD Customer Reviews (on Amazon; names used with permission) 

By Lydean Kenzall

July 3, 2016

EXCELLENT UNIT AND COMPANY... It's very well made and super easy to use. I love that I can see exactly what I'm getting from it.. Customer service is great and very responsive. I haven't used the [device] as much as I should, but I'm very happy with it. About the only quibble I could make is for it to include instructions instead of them just being on the website, but that's pretty minor.

By A. Owen

July 10, 2016

The Analog Meter is great

Very easy to use. The best feature is the ammeter. The customer support is great and fast... My favorite part is also the only detractor. The size is just a little big. It would be great if it fit into your pocket. But I would not give up the meter!

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